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Lake of Upper Sûre

Lake of Luxembourg and the Ardennes
At 5 km from the camping you will find the reservoir lake of the Sûre, the biggest lake of Luxembourg and the Ardennes, an interesting and beloved leasure area. You can perform various activities there, swimming, fishing, canoeing or diving.
There are several hiking paths and mountainbikes routes leading you around the lake. You can also enjoy the flora and fauna of the reservoir from the deck of the solar boat. For more information, see:


Esch-sur- Sûre is only 3 km away. This small but very charming village is typical for the Ardennes with its castle burrough, wedged between mountains and surrounded by the river. Through its location it is one of the most unique places in the country. The castle ruins (927) dominate the landscape, as do the rocks that perpendicularly rise from the river. See:


The village Vianden lies at 35km from the camping and it is a touristic attraction with the most beautiful castle in the Ardennes and Eifel. The village is surrounded by the wall with towers. The only chairlift in Luxembourg brings you from 230m to the height of 440m where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley. For more information see:


The Mullerthal, also known as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, is located at 30 km from the campsite. This region offers you wonderful walks through narrow gorges and bizarre rock formations. The towns of Echternach and Larochette are always worth a visit.

Luxemburg City

Our capital Luxembourg is 50 km from the campsite. In addition to tourist attractions, such as the “Schueberfouer” (August-September) or the “casemates”, you can also stroll through the streets and enjoy the various views


The Moselle with its winery and cosy boatstours is located 50 km from the campsite, see:


Diekirch, situated at the bank of the Sûre, is a small town with a pedestrian area and a museum, which surely pleases all the tourists, 20 km from the camping, see:


Wiltz , located 10km from the camping, is famous for ist beer brewing and music festival which takes place in the renaissance castle, see:

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